In April of 2015, Bible Baptist Church of Cromwell, Connecticut laid hands on Mark Schabert and sent him and his family out to start a new work in Wethersfield, Connecticut (Acts 13:1-4).

Shortly thereafter, another family from Bible Baptist Church, desiring to help the Schaberts in this new work, joined in the effort.  Both families then covenanted together as Victory Baptist Church to recognize and formalize what the Lord had established (1Cor 12:12-13, 18; Josh 24:24-26).

After teaching and preaching through the qualifications of a pastor and the headship of the Lord Jesus Christ over His assembly, Victory Baptist Church 'raised the hand' to ordain Mark as pastor (Acts 14:23; 1Ti 3:1-7; Tit 1:5-9; Eph 5:23-32).